Storm Preparations

With hurricane season upon us all residential and commercial properties should prepare their landscaping for storms to protect the landscaping, structures, cars, and most of all YOU !

1) Start by selective prunning all trees on property especially those closest to home or business. Removing all sucker branches and dead wood also ALL branches touching structures.

2) Clean out all surrounding storm, pool deck, and rentention pond drains. Add French drains and even water storage tanks to utilize extra water for the landscaping.

3) Be sure to stake all new trees and check all staking of existing trees to prevent trees falling.

4) Pressure washing all decks, walks, and buildings are a good thing to prevent extra mildew build up and slippery walks for customers, guests, or homeowners.

Please call or email us today at Doyle Land Systems for more tips for making your landscape your ally not your enemy with pricey damages. Our crews are at your service and are available for any downed trees and storm clean ups as well.

Everyone be safe this week in during this tropical storm.


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